CBSE Class 12 Board Exams 2021 - New update

The Board has announced that it will take a final call on postponing and conducting the class 12 exams only after reviewing the coronavirus situation in June.

A CBSE official, while speaking to a leading portal indicated that if the situation worsens, the CBSE may follow the assessment plan of class 10, ‘but it’s too early to say’. “If the exams could not be conducted in July, then we can not further delay conducting the exam. As the entire exam process takes more than a month including evaluation of copies and result declaration. If suppose the result be declared by the end of August, how will the students take admission in varsities, higher education institutions”, India TV quoted the official as saying.

However, it is known that many parents, teachers and students are reaching out to the government asking for the cancellation of Class 12 exams.

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