Government to form National Education Technology Forum to improve Digital Education

The National Education Technology Forum (NETF) will be set up by the government to discuss and strategize education technology and to offer independent evidence-based advice to state and central government agencies. The program will be launched in April 2022 for technology-led learning programmes and would consist of education ministry members, institutes, state governments, IT sector veterans, and technology experts.

NETF will have a review meeting every 3 to 6 months to evaluate the progress and provide necessary suggestions. Apart from the government which is investing in NEFT initially, funding will also be collected through private funding. Higher support will be obtained from industry experts like NASSCOM at later stages.

NETF will offer technology-based interventions that will help in improving the technology access at the education level. Skilled professionals will manage the learning via technology with third-party assistance. However, it is will requires schools to hire qualified candidates to implement NETF recommendations.

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